Using Top AdSense Keywords on your Website

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Whether you are creating a new site or trying to increase the AdSense profit on an existing site learning how to incorporate high paying keywords into your site is a must for any site that uses AdSense. There are several Adsense tricks you can use to increase the amount Google pays you each time someone clicks on an AdSense ad on your site.

Top Adsense Keywords

Below is a list of some of the higher paying keywords. These words aren’t necessarily the highest possible paying keywords available. These are high paying keywords that you are likely going to be able to add to websites of many different topics. Along with the keywords and related words will be examples of how you can add these to your site without going off topic. This will help you to increase the click payouts on any site you are currently getting traffic.

When working with a keyword, do not just repeat the keyword over and over on your page. It is very important that you make the page flow naturally and in a manner that can be easily read. In most cases that means using synonyms of your main keyword.

Keyword placement is also important. Your main keyword or key phrase should be repeated a couple times in the first and last paragraphs on the page and then scattered through the page using both the actual keyword and synonyms of the keyword.

Keywords should also be placed in the Meta Title and Meta Description, as well as in the H1 tag of the page. It is good to try to add other word normally associated with the keyword in H2 tags on the page.

Niche Keywords

Normally it is not a very good idea to just take the keywords that are listed here and try to make pages based on them. Top paying keywords are usually also heavily competed for, meaning it is going to be very difficult to rank well. The trick is to turn these High paying keywords into niche keywords. Often this can be done by regionalizing the keyword.

For example the keyword Forex is a very hot keyword with very high paying AdSense clicks. It is also competed for by a huge number of sites and only a few of them are going to make any money on the term.

But let’s say you have a travel site on a particular county. If you create a page on forex based on that country and add it to your site the competition will be much less, you will already have search engine strength for that country and so it will be easier for you to get the top ranking. The clicks will still be from advertisers looking for Forex traffic so your clicks will be high paying. You have now created high paying niche keywords for your site.

The key is to incorporate these keywords into them that your site is already strong for. In the case of a travel site the foreign exchange rate is actually a very important part of travel. How much the money of your country is worth in comparison to the local exchange makes a big difference when you are traveling. This makes the page very useful to your visitors while at the same time getting some of the top paying keywords on your site.

Keyword Tools

To determine new keywords to use on your site will require the use of a keyword tool. One of our favorites is the free keyword tool provided by Google. You can find that here Google Keyword tool.

To use it first go to the Columns drop down and add the “Estimated Avg.CPC” column. This gives you an idea of what it would cost if you were using AdWords and wanted to bid on that keyword. While this is not what you will get paid it stands to reason that you will be making more money when someone clicks on an ad on your site displaying an ad with a CPC of $20.00 then one that has a CPC of $.05.

By adding a word into the “Word or Phrase” box and doing a search Google will also give you a list of other words that are similar that you might want to add to the same page.

To start you off, below is a list of the top paying keywords that are also easily incorporated into many sites. When you click on the link you will also be given examples on how you might merge this word or phrase into the theme of your site. This list will be added to on a regular basis so stop by frequently to get ideas for more top paying keywords to use.

Business to Business Keywords

These keywords are high paying keywords that work best on sites where you are talking to a business owner. This includes sites for webmasters, small one person home businesses (cosmetic, tupperware, freelance writers etc), as well as sites that have a primary readership of Brick and Morter Business owners.