Outsourcing SEO Services - SEO Company Reviews

“To Outsource or not to Outsource, that is the question!” OK, yes I did change the quote just a bit, but the question stands. Should a webmaster or even a web design company outsource SEO and other website work? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages?

Personally I outsource a lot of work. I have people that I have do some of my SEO, flash and even programming work, in short yes, outsourcing does work! Unfortunately it’s also very easy to get burnt by outsourcing companies. There are many companies in India and other countries that make all their money from scamming companies. They have very good communication skills all the way up to the time you make a payment and then they disappear.

Reasons to consider Outsourcing

For me outsourcing is a great way to get work done at a substantially lower price, usually by very skilled workers.

For example, I have on guy that does .net programming on the side. Quite frankly the guy is an excellent programmer. The work I send to him is not work that I couldn’t do myself, it’s work that by the time I researched how to do it, did the programming and tested and implemented in the site, I would have to charge my client 2-3 times as much as when I have this programmer complete the module and all I have to do is implement into the site.

The same goes with SEO outsourcing. There are very skilled workers and companies out there that are willing to charge $8 - $20 per hour for work that if you hired a company in the US to do would cost you $50 - $150 per hour. Being that SEO take a lot of hours to do well, this adds up very quickly.

Unfortunately while outsourcing website work to off shore companies can provide a huge cost saving the risk also dramatically increases.

Reasons companies are afraid of outsourcing

Over half of the companies I have worked with in India and other countries have either completely failed to do the work as directed, often from a lack of ability to communicate well, or have just taken the deposit and ran, never to be heard from again.

Reasons for that a company chooses not to use offshore companies for their website and SEO work usually boils down to these three questions.

  • Is the company reliable and does it do what it agreed to do?
  • Does the company communicate well (reports, replies to emailed questions)?
  • Does their work provide results (search engine searches)?

The only way to find out is to read reviews of the companies, try to talk with them yourself, and finally send a check and see what happens. This can be a rather intimidating and expensive process. Often the reviews you read are paid reviews (paid by the company getting reviewed), or possible even written by the company and passed off as a real review. It’s not always real easy to tell the real reviews from the fake.

Outsourcing company reviews

Most blogs that write reviews are paid to go to the SEO company website, look around a while and write a review based on what they read. Not a very accurate way to determine if the company will really fulfill their promises. Bottom line, I don’t trust any paid review, and if you only find warm glowing reviews on the review site likely they are not providing an honest review.