Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Company - SEO Firms

Sometimes doing your own search engine optimization just doesn’t seem to be getting the job done fast enough. Maybe you’re unsure if you are optimizing your web pages properly or you just don’t have enough time to work your business and optimize a web site. In that case is might be a good idea to hire a search optimization company.

Nothing Beats Experience!

As you start your search for a company to help with your SEO the first thing you are going to notice is that there is a huge number of people that offer SEO services, most claiming years of experience and many giving impressive guarantees for results.

It’s pretty important to get proof of a SEO firms experience. A few references can help. This allows you to check out a few of the websites that the SEO agency claims to have helped. You will also want a phone number or email address of the reference to confirm that the company really did do work for the site and the owner was satisfied with the results. When you contact the company make sure you are respectful of the persons time, have 2 or 3 short easily answered questions in mind before you call. Something like this:

  • How long has [SEO company] worked for you?
  • What type of services do they perform?
  • How successful has their service been?

Let the person elaborate as much as they would like, but otherwise try to keep the conversation brief. You will be able to get more information by looking at the website and checking how they rank for their main keywords. Your main goal here is to confirm the search engine optimization company really has done work for the website owner, that it was for a long period of time (in my opinion at least a year so you can tell that the results are permanent), that they are doing similar work for the client as you would like to have done, and finally that the client is happy with the results.

Not all happy clients are willing to spend time being referrals, but the SEO company should be able to provide a few. If not then the SEO firm probably doesn’t have a very long or impressive history in the field.

Don’t be too surprised if the referrals can’t really state what the SEO agency is doing. While I believe that some of my clients might actually read my invoices and keep track of what I am doing, most don’t. All they really care about is that they see their site come up frequently on searches and people are finding their business because of the website. As time goes on they tend to develop trust in my work and seem to be less and less interested in how I actually do it.

SEO Prices

Prices are also going to very, from “$39.95 for guaranteed front page results” to over $100.00 per hour. The old adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind here. Extremely cheap services usually don’t provide good results, the results are temporary (a couple months at most), or actually do harm to your search engine ranking. On the other hand most small businesses don’t need to hire a company charging $100 - $300 per hour. While that may pay off for major websites it usually won’t for small business websites.

Almost all guarantees are just fluff. There are too many ways to get out of having to pay the guarantee and very often even if they get you the keyword you ask for it won’t provide the results necessary to make the cost worthwhile. In most cases the guarantee will be for one, or a few keywords that may or may not result in enough sales to warrant paying the price. Few sites can be successful only ranking with a couple keywords.

Reputable search engine optimization companies don’t just focus on a few keywords, they try to get into the mind of your customers and understand how they search when they are really ready to buy. While the top keywords may be good for traffic, very often it’s the long tail keywords that really produce the best results. These don’t come from just getting thousands of links back to your site using only a few different link texts (which is pretty much all the guarantees offer).

Best SEO Company

So, which is the best SEO Company or SEO Firm? Really there isn’t one. There are a lot of good companies that will produce good results. Much of the decision is deciding how much you are willing pay, what work you want to do yourself and what you want them to do, and if the company can provide sufficient results so that “bottom line” you make more money from their work than you are paying them to do it.

Understanding the basics of SEO will help, then talk to the person and find out if their methods are in harmony with what you have learned. There is not a magic system that will do SEO quickly and produce incredible results. If that’s what the search engine optimization company is offering it’s probably best to look elsewhere. SEO is a long term project that should be looked at like any other form of advertisement. Expect this to be an ongoing expenditure of both time and money whether you do it yourself or you hire a Search Engine Optimization Company.