Multiple IP Address Hosting Sites

Why host on Multiple IPs

Google and possible other search engines give more weight to links coming from sites that are using a different Class C IP address. For this reason, many webmasters that have multiple websites where they would like to share the strength of the site decide to host their sites with multiple companies. This can get rather expensive. Most companies offer very large discounts when you host multiple sites on their servers.

Why choose a host that offers Multiple IP Addresses

Many companies like Godaddy offer an unlimited number of sites to be added to the same Deluxe hosting account for the same price. This dramatically lowers your hosting price. However that puts all the domains on the same IP address. Choosing multiple Hosting companies gets very expensive. That is where multiple IP hosting companies shine. You are able to have the convenience of one control panel for all the sites, price breaks for multiple sites, and still have each site on a different Class C IP.

Windows Multiple IP Hosting

You may have noticed that this site runs on windows .net and ASPX pages. Unfortunately these do not run on a Linux server without modifications to the server. That means that most of these hosting companies do not offer hosting for .net programs only PHP, Html, Flash, etc. We are continuing to check into multiple IP hosting companies to try to come up with a list that offer either Windows hosting or have the modifications on their Linux machines that allow for .net to be ran.

Comparing SEO Web Hosting

Like any hosting there is a great difference in the price. With that price difference often comes a difference in features available, difference in service and Tech support, difference in how fast the hosting is, how much bandwidth is available, and a difference in how often there are server problems. So, research and compare web hosting companies before you commit and move your sites over. The best SEO web hosting company for one webmaster will not always be the best for another, be sure you know what you need in a hosting company before you start comparing hosting

Sites offering Multiple Class C IP hosting