Free Website Analysis Sites

Website analysis is a key component in tracking your websites health in the eyes of the search engines. For this reason alone it’s a good idea to have some web analytic software or website SEO analysis sites at your disposal and use them on a regular basis. The free online versions of this analysis software have additional side benefits to your SEO work. Link building!

Analysis Website Link Building

There are thousands of these sites available to help you analyze websites both competitors and your own. While not all of them provide a link to your website, many do.

A good example of a very strong website that will give you a free link is Alexa also generously decided to not put a “nofollow” rel attribute on the link (strangely enough that includes linking to adult and porn websites, which is usually considered a bad idea). That means that you are getting a link that Google counts as a link to your site.

Adding your site to these sites usually is very easy, almost all of them have an input box where you can add a site and have it analized.

Rel=”nofollow” sites

So does that mean that there is no value to adding your website to sites that use the rel=”nofollow” attribute? Not at all, while the benefit is less because Google does not pass pagerank to those links, not all search engines feel the same. There is little evidence that the other search engines put much store in Google’s nofollow attribute. That means that these sites are probably counted as links by other search engines.

The time that it takes to add your site to a large number of these sites is very low, making it a good idea to spend a day and have your site analyzed by as many of these analysis sites as you can find. Besides you might even learn something about your site that you didn’t know!

Customer Relation Management

Online Analytic software sites also help in your Customer Relation Management (CRM). How So? On our client sites, we not only want to have the top position in the search engine searches when someone directly searches for our site, we want to dominate the first 2 to 3 pages of search results. This keeps a competitor from being able to sneak a bad review of our site or product onto the first page of search engine results.

Many of these analysis sites are very strong so their pages analyzing your site will often show high in the search engine results. While you can’t control someone saying something bad about your site or product , you can bury them so deeply in the results that few people ever see them.

Writing articles on your site or product and adding to the strongest article submission sites will often accomplish the same goal, but this often takes longer and requires writing fresh articles for each of the article submission sites. The better analytic sites are designed to look different than other similar sites so they are more likely to show high in the results, and they don’t require you writing an article to do it.

Identifying Bad Neighborhood Sites

Another reason to use website analysis tools is to help identify bad neighborhood sites. In most cases you can easily identify spammy or bad neighborhood sites by the content, porn, adult sites, pharmaceuticals, ForEx, and other sites that you constantly get email spam from probably should not be linked to if you would like to keep from having your site associated with that type of content. However this doesn’t paint the whole picture. Sometimes a site is de-indexed from the search engines and considered a bad neighborhood site due to the spammy way that the owner promotes the site.

If you find a site to have a large number of pages indexed in Yahoo, but none in Google, this should send up a red flag. Likewise with High PR sites that only have a few pages indexed. Anything that looks highly irregular in the analysis report should give you reason to check the site out more before linking to it, or reject the site altogether.

Free Online Website Analysis