Free Video Hosting Sites - Video Sharing

Online videos are quickly becoming one of the best ways to introduce and sell your product. We are now seeing videos on a wide array of websites from the web 2.0 sites like Face Book and MySpace to small 1-2 page sales sites to blogs. One thing that is common for each of these types of sites is that it is very useful to be able to store the videos in one location and use it in all of the sites that it’s required. This is especially true if there is a need to update the video periodically. In fact in many sites like Squidoo and HubPages do not allow you to upload a video to their site, you have to use one of the video hosting sites.

Free Video Hosting sites (or video sharing sites) offer a place for you to store your videos in one easy to manage location to be linked to by all of your sites. By far the most popular video hosting site is YouTube. While it is the most know site there are a few disadvantages. Video size and video quality are among the top reasons why webmaster sometimes choose video hosting other than YouTube. One other reason is the site often becomes slow or completely unresponsive due to the high amount of traffic it receives.

Hosting Restrictions

Often porn websites choose to host many of their videos on video hosting sites. If this is your reason for using a video hosting site you should read the TOS first to be use the site allows porn or nude videos, likely you will be charged to host any type of porn videos.

On the other hand, if you are a business seeking to establish a good reputation with the search engines, it is usually best to avoid hosting sites that allow pornographic material. Often being associated with these sites can damage the reputation of your site. It is best to read through the TOS in either case to be sure what is allowed on the hosting site.

Music Video Hosting

One group of webmasters that is making good use of these sites are music bands. Video promotion of thier music is a great way to gain listeners. Most video hosting sites allow music videos as long as they do not contain adult content. These videos often use subtitles to promote their website where a listener can buy the album or song.

This is turning into one of the fastest ways for a new group to gain popularity. These videos can be linked to in their Facebook accounts, by Twitter links, blog posts and forums posts to attract an instant audience. Hosting your video on a free hosting site also makes it easy for others to link to and stream your music video. With each website that shows your music video there is an increased chance of someone buying the song

Google SERPs Love Videos

In addition to using these free video hosting sites for storage to be used elsewhere, many businesses have found these sites to be a tremendous source of traffic. Google loves video and more and more often we are seeing videos showing up in the top results of the Google SERPs. That means thousands of people viewing your message and seeing the links you have placed in the video.

Different video hosting sites have different classes of viewers. Some are geared to younger or older, male or female, and different countries and cultures. The best way to make sure you catch all your potential viewers is to upload your video to all the major sites. Uploading videos to all of the major sites manually can take a very large amount of time. It is much easier to use one of the video uploading programs to take care of this tedious job leaving more time to create more videos!

The best part is that there are video uploaders available at a very low cost. One that we have found is Instant Video Uploader which costs about $20.00. Which is well worth the cost for the amount of time it can save.

Probably the best reason to choose YouTube is that it is one of the most popular sites and it helps you to promote the video. For this reason many webmasters upload their video to YouTube for promotional reasons and then again to one of the other free video hosting sites to link to from their other sites.

Other considerations on where to upload you video should include how your audience is likely to use it. Some video hosting sites like Google Video allow the videos to be downloaded by iPod or PSP applications. If you are planning to use the video on a website be sure that the hosting company is set up for video streaming. While this would seem to be a given, some sites are only setup to allow the videos to be downloaded.

We’ve compiled a list of Free video hosting sites for you to choose from.