Free Image Hosting Sites

Free Image hosting sites are a good way for webmasters to cut development times, reduce bandwidth on large sites and save money on eBay auctions. How So?

Saving Development time: Often when building mini sites and creating pages on web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Facebook, MySpace and others, you reuse the same pictures many times. Instead of uploading the pictures to each site, you can upload them once to the free Image hosting site and link to the pictures in your text.

Often these sites will only let you use one picture per module when you might want to use more. This is another advantage to free photo hosting sites. You can upload all the photos to one location and link to as many of them as you want in the text of the page. Using CSS you also have more freedom as to where the image is put in the text then you do using the modules provided by Squidoo, Hubpages and other sites.

Reduce Bandwidth: If you are using a cheaper hosting site, you likely have a more limited band width. Larger images that are frequently downloaded can chew up this bandwidth pretty quickly, shutting out those hard earned visits and giving them a page saying "This site has Exceeded its Bandwidth Limit" Don’t find yourself with a broken site, waiting until the end of the month so it will work again.

On that same line, when you are doing email marketing it is often useful to use these image hosting sites for the images used in your emails. Having your image displayed thousands of times in a very short period of time can slow down your server and greatly slow down the speed of your website. Don’t put those pictures in a folder on one of your sites!

Image Hosting Restrictions: At times porn sites find it useful to host images on other sites. Often this is done while sending out spam emails. Likely you do not want your website to be associated with porn. For that reason it's good to check the TOS of the site to be sure that they actively close accounts hosting nude pictures. If you are trying to promote a family site, it would be best if Google and the other search engines don't associate your website with porn websites.

Save Money On eBay Auctions: If you are using eBay for marketing your products you know how much of a pain it is to upload the image each time to the eBay server. Upload it once and link to the picture on the free picture hosting site! This gives the additional advantage of being able to use several pictures on your ebay ad without having to pay the extra charge for each one. While the eBay charge is not very large, it does add up when you are doing many ads.

Image Hosting Features: Not all of the sites have the same features. Some of the things to look for is if the site allow hotlinking, automatic thumbnail creation (for Avitars), large image hosting, and if they restrict bandwidth useage.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Image Hosting sites on the internet. Before using the site read their TOS to be sure that they accept the manner that you plan on using their site for.

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