Free Antivirus and Paid Anti-Virus Software List

Cybercrime is a huge industry; every day new viruses are unleashed onto the internet causing damage to data, website, and computers. Previous to becoming a webmaster you might have been able to get away with being careful not to open attachments and only going to known websites to protect your computer. Now as a webmaster you will on a regular basis have to open attachments, and view large numbers of sites that you may have in the past had no reason to visit. Installing and Antivirus program was a very good idea before but, is absolutely necessary now!

What is an antivirus program?

For the most part a virus is a normal program that does normal operations on your computer like adding and deleting information to your hard drive and accessing the internet etc. What makes a virus bad is that it has been installed on your computer without your permission and is performing these normal operations without your approval. That means it is controlling and adding information to your computer that you do not want added, deleting information you do not want deleted and sharing information to some unknown source on the internet that you don’t want to share the information with.

An antivirus program determines whether the program that is trying to do this work is doing it with or without your permission and stopping and removing the program if it is doing unauthorized work. Really that is easier said than done. To make that determination an antivirus program compares the program to a known list of bad programs and removes the program if it matches.

The problem is that the list of bad programs grows every day, that means your list needs to grow each day. This is the reason antivirus programs need to be updated very regularly. Checking against this growing list is one of the reasons some antivirus programs slow down your computer when they are doing scan. Better programs have a lesser affect on your computers speed that others. So which one is best?

Best Antivirus Program

So, which antivirus program is best? Every webmaster seems to have a different answer to that question. Some get irritated with the constant updates of one software, where others would rather accept this irritation so that their computer is brought up to date more often. Some software is more thorough than others which causes a greater slowdown, others perform the more intrusive scans only when the computer is in a dormant state (on but not currently using much processing power). Which antivirus is best will be determined by your needs.

Free Antivirus programs

Most of the antivirus programs offer some sort of free trial or a free version. For instance AVG Anti-Virus has both a free and a paid version. The free version gives you most of the virus protection features you will need and allows you to pay extra for additional features. Vipre Antivirus gives you a free trial period after which if you like the program you will need buy the software. Norton antivirus comes installed on many computers and will work for a short while before needing to be purchased, this is the same business model used by McAfee which is developed by intel.

Free Anti-Virus Downloads

All of the major developers of antivirus programs can be downloaded for free on a trial basis. To install you will first need to uninstall or turn off any other versions of antivirus you have on your computer. This isn’t always that easy. Some antivirus software requires that you download their uninstall program to have their antivirus fully removed from your computer.

Whether you choose a free program or a paid version you need to install some antivirus program and keep it up to date regularly. This is not something you will want to procrastinate on. The damage that can be caused by not having an antivirus program installed on your computer will cost you much more time than the few minutes it will take to chose and install one today.