Business Directories

Business Directories are different than standard website directories. Instead of just listing a website, and a description, these directories allow you to talk about your business, give a map to your location, show business hours and other information to let a potential customer know who you are. In addition many of these directories are very strong, allowing them to show on the first page of a Google search for your business name.

These sites often have built-in ways to make your profile page more popular. Some offer ways to “Make Friends” with or contact other like businesses, they often also have rating systems that allow visitors to get to know your business better. Many of these programs also help your profile to rank better for other keywords, often local keywords, so these profiles can also send leads to your business from potential new customers.

An additional reason to bother with Business Directories

Yes they do take time to complete each one. However they give you the ability to manage your PR. Likely you have the top listing for your business name in a Google search for your name. However, who has the listings below you? Are they saying good things or Bad? Are they just competitors trying to get traffic based on your hard earned “Good Name”.

That is where these business directories come in. Very often the pages for these directories are optimized well enough that they will show on the front page of a Google search for your name. Why is that good? Business Directories help you to push your competitors lower and lower in the rankings for your name. If you have enough of these business listings, you can actually move then to the second page or even lower in the rankings giving you full control of every result for the first page or two on a search for your business name.

Customer Relationship Management

Many of these business directories can also be used as part of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. These directories give the opportunity for clients and potential clients to give their opinion of your business, allowing you to respond and improve your services. Customer Relationship Management helps you to turn one time customers into repeat customers. Giving clients a place to contact you, and your diligently responding to these contact pays off in additional sales.

You can use other sites to accomplish this same purpose, Sites like Facebook, and even sites with profile pages like twitter will often rank high enough to cause you competitor’s sites to disappear on a Google search for your business name.

Top 7 Business Directory Websites