Social Bookmarking Sites

It is rather debatable as to whether you can really call getting links at Bookmarking sites as “link Building”. The vast majority of the bookmarking sites use the Rel=Nofollow tag to keep from passing any link juice to the site they are linking to. Getting your site registered in as many bookmarking sites as you can does fulfill another very important part of SEM (search engine marketing). Making your website visible to as many people as possible.

Bookmarking sites have a very large following. Many people, especially ones that use more than one computer such as at school, work, home, public computers etc. want a central location where they can store all of the links that they often use and have that one location visible to all the computers they might use.

Favorite Sites

Bookmarking sites are literally a list of someone’s favorite sites, and favorites are a form of recommendation. If someone else liked the site enough to bookmark it, maybe you will too!

There are a number of different business models that these sites may use from pretty much bookmark only sites like Delicious to hybrid sites like StumbleUpon that will randomly send you to different sites that you might be interested in and allowing you to state if “I Like it” or a thumbsdown.

While these sites may not help you quite as directly with the search engines, they do expose your site to a huge number of new visitors each of which has the potential of linking to your site if they like it enough. Or better yet, stopping and buying something.

The key to using this form of promotion is to make sure that the page that is bookmarked, which is the page the person will first go to, gets the persons attention quickly so that they will stick around. This is one of the best ways to promote your “Link Bait” pages. Usually linking to a sales page will not get a very good response. It is also best to have very strong images on the top of the page to get the persons attention.

The large number of Social Bookmarking sites available on the internet has spawned a new service that is offered by many websites, that of manually bookmarking your site on a large number of these bookmarking sites. As you can probably imagine this goes against the TOS of most of the bookmarking sites. Quite often the person offering the service gets caught and his account gets turned off, you then lose your bookmark.

The Top Picks

It’s pretty tough to work with all of the bookmarking sites at one time. Start with a few of the best and as you have time create lists on other sites updating them from time to time. Our top picks are the ones that we think would be the best ones to start out with.

StumbleUpon can immediately give you hundreds or thousands of visitors. While it helps to have friends that will give a thumbs up to your articles this isn’t necessary. You do need to stumble pages that will catch the viewer’s attention quickly, funny pages, Top 10 lists, and pages with good images on the top does the best.

Delicious is a fast way to get links to your site. While they are not of extremely high value they do help. These also help with people who search with Delicious.

Digg pretty much requires a lot of friends. You need to get Digg votes quickly and that seldom happens without lots of friends. You also normally need to have a Tech subject to do well. Even though we don’t use this one often, some have found this to be a very high source of traffic.