Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

What is the best Affiliate marketing program? This is a very common question for people wanting to make a little (or a lot) of money from their website. Really there is no “best” program. The top affiliate programs each have their own target audience. Choosing the best program starts with figuring out who your visitor base is so you can decide the best program to attract sales.

What is an Affiliate Marketer Program?

First let’s regress. What is an affiliate marketing program? It basically comes down to, someone has some product or service they want to sell and they give you a commission for each sale when someone you recommend the product to buys the product.

Sounds easy right?

Well, not always. Even if you have a decent amount of traffic, the people that come to your site may not be in the “buying mode”. In other words, yes they were interested in the topic, but they were not looking to buy. That means for you to make a sale, you have to convince them that they need the product. But that will be the theme of a different article. First let’s talk about the different types of programs out there.

Types of Affiliate marketing programs.

There are thousands of different programs out there. Some programs are only for one company’s product, others are a huge collection of different products. Personally I like to stick with the larger programs that give me many products to sell. Large programs give quite a few benefits.

  • More frequent checks – Most programs have a minimum pay out. If you register for a program with say a $100 pay out and your sales get you $10 per sale, it is going to take you 10 sales before you get a check. If you chose the product because it fits one page of one of your sites, it could take a while to reach those ten sales.

    It you choose an affiliate program that has many products you can use on different pages of your site, all these sales are bunched together when it comes to payday and you can easily start getting checks every week.

  • Easier to Track Personally I have having to regularly log into dozens of accounts to see what my progress is and what I need to change, add etc. On the few one product affiliate accounts that I use, I pretty much set it up and forget it. That means that the optimization of sales for that affiliate product usually gets neglected. Large programs with many products means that I can log in regularly, check out the stats and make needed adjustments much quicker
  • Better Stats - Large Affiliate programs usually have much better statistic and report services. This helps me to review what is working well, what gets traffic and doesn’t sell (and should be replaced), and what needs a little more SEO attention.
  • Easier to find new products to sell - Larger affiliate programs attract better products. You can then easily search for which products would sell best on your site. Often this decision is based on metrics that show the success of other people with the product.

Top Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of good programs out there and I haven’t been able to use them all. So this is a list of the programs I have tried and have had the best success with.

  • Amazon - Amazon sells a wide variety of products. They also have many ways to incorporate these products into your website. While you may just think of Amazon for books and similar products, however they sell far more. By wandering through the website you are able to get a better idea of what they have so you can decide if there will be items that will interest your readers. In addition to books you will find electronic, automotive items, clothes, movies, games, music, and the list goes on.

    One of the bonuses of using Amazon (as well as eBay) is that it make your site look bigger. The sales section will actually add content to your site and the images often ad interest to your site. Proper use of these features will help improve your search engine results as well as increase the time people spend n your site.

  • ClickBank Affilate - Click bank pretty much specializes in downloadable products. This includes ebooks, programs, and services. I usually use in text link ads for my click bank ads. Be sure to talk about the product or service and state why you like it, how it helped you, and other features that make the product worth buying. By actually using or researching the product you are able to make an actual recommendation (yes, people can tell the difference). These recommendations will translate into sales.
  • - This site is pretty amazing. There is a sales section for almost anything you could have a site for. Talk about a product or service and openly suggest that they check out eBay to get a good price on the item. I frequently use the rss feed method of showing products. This completely incorporates the products into your site giving you extra text (that changes frequently) as well as interesting images. My feed displays will range from one item to as many as 20-30. In addition to the rss feed (which takes a little programming skill), there are also banner and other ads similar to Adsence only with images.

    eBay gives you FAR more clicks than PPC programs like Adsense, the problem is the click payment is usually not as high. Usually the clicks are for 10 – 25 cents. How much you make per click varies by how many sales you make. Once again, don’t just try to get a lot of clicks, do some pre-selling so that you are actually making sale.

Bottom line, if you have a website and at this time you are only using pay per click programs like Adsense, you are leaving money on the table. Affiliate program ads can easily added into your existing website adding content and interest to the site while giving you a chance to also make some additional money.