Webmaster Education – Distance Learning

I often get asked by people wanting to get an internet job, whether I went to college to get started. If a college education was required to design websites and promote them? In my case, yes I did get some college education from an Adult Education Distance learning program offered by UC Davis in California. Is a college education necessary to make money online? That depends on the internet job, some require college education, some don’t.

Internet Jobs Requiring College Education

Most of the heavy IT jobs where you will be working directly for a company need some college education. These are highly competitive fields and the chances of you getting your foot in the door with most companies are pretty slim without a lot of experience or a college degree normally a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or at least an Associate's degree from one of the community colleges, junior colleges, or technical colleges.

For this type of job an actual degree is best however at times you can get by with a certificate from one of the colleges offering a distant learning program.

Even if you are looking to get a job with a company in website design and SEO you stand a much better chance with some piece of paper showing your potential employer you have some training. This is especially true with actual programmers (beyond html, scripting etc). Let’s face it, if you had the choice would you hire someone with no formal education when you have 5 other applicants with a college degree?

Internet Jobs Not Requiring College Education

Starting your own company is a little different. Although I do have some education that I received from a distance learning course (with classes in HTML, Database design, Webpage design, and several programming languages including C++, Java, Visual Basic, JavaScript etc), I have never been asked for any proof of this education.

When you are freelancing or have your own company, the proof of your abilities is your successes with past clients. Of course this proof is a little hard to come by when you are just starting out.

If you are just trying to make money online by creating your own website and promoting it the degree won't make any difference at all although the education you get by earning the degree might.

Adult Education Classes

Adult Education classes are usually offered by colleges to help people that already have a job in a particular field increase their skill set. Many of these classes are held over the internet in a distance learning format. This gives you the advantage of getting a online degree from an accredited college. An online college degree usually holds the same weight as physically attending the university.

Whether you want to impress your boss to get a promotion or a raise or you are looking to increase your skill set to start out in a new career or branch out in your existing career these distance learning classes are hard to beat.

One advantage to distance learning is the cost. Each of the classes I took ranged between $350.00 and $500.00 each and I was able to pick the classes that best suited the direction I planned to go. That means that likely no college loan is going to be needed. As you get the money and time, pick a new class that will help round out your abilities.

Distance Learning Classes to Consider

While I haven’t found accredited online colleges offering classes on SEO and likely they would be outdated anyway, classes on creative writing, advertising and promotion will get you in the right direction. You can learn the rest by visiting SEO forums and getting tips.

Database design is a big one. Anyone can design a quick database, but it takes some knowledge to do it right. I have followed up after many programmers whose poorly designed databases meant for slow searches, couldn’t handle heavy traffic, difficulties in upgrading. A little training in proper database design will quickly help you to stand above the competition, giving you the confidence that your design can handle even enterprise level websites.

Advertising layout is pretty important. Most WebPages are really advertisements. You can spend years in trial and error designs until you learn what really works. Even a class on newspaper and other advertisement design will give you a huge head start.

Creative writing. If you do websites professionally you are going to write a lot! There are several different styles to writing and you will use most of them depending on the mood of the webpage, type of content and what you want the reader to do after reading the content. Writing takes time and practice. A class will get you there that much faster.

Programming. At the time I was taking classes there were no classes in php or C#, the dominant web languages right now. Don’t let that stop you. Take a class in C. Yes, that archaic language, it’s the basis of many of the more modern languages and will teach you basic programming skill and routines that you will use in any other language that you might end up learning.

Business Networking. Yes the internet is a little different than other forms of networking, but the concept is the same. This course will help you to think in broader terms. In the long run both you and your future clients will be more successful because of it.

Your Own Pace Learning

The biggest advantage to these Adult Education and Distance learning classes is you can do them at your own pace and from the comfort of your own office or home. They don’t require moving to the college city, taking out a loan, and devoting years of your life to complete. While taking the course you can put the information to practice and start paying off your investment at the same time. Distance learning is well worth the time and effort. Don’t put off learning what can help your today!