SEO Tips for Wedding Consultant Websites

As with all websites, promoting a wedding consultant website or Wedding Photography website needs to be looked at from two distinct directions. The first is common website SEO tactics like good content, good website navigation and encouraging a network of links from related sites. The second is more specific to working with this particular subject including working with accredited wedding referral companies and social networks.

Common Website SEO Tips

Pretty much this entire site is dedicated to the top SEO tactics for improving your websites ranking in the search engine so I will only do a quick review here.

  • SEO Content - What is SEO Content? In short SEO content are articles written to attract search engine visits. This means researching which keywords are frequently used by people searching for your target and writing articles to put on your website based on this information. Before you hand this project over to a SEO consultant or SEO company you need to understand that you have a HUGE advantage here over the Search Engine Optimization companies. You actually know your line of work and can give fresh unique information on the topic. At the very least you should consider having the company give you a theme, you write down useful and insightful information and then let a professional writer turn it into a masterpiece.
  • Linkable Content - What is linkable content and why do you need it? Linkable content are articles that are highly unique and provide enough useful information that people will look at you as an authority on the subject and will link to you from their blogs and the various social sites. Once again a SEO company is going to have a very hard time finding a writer who knows your field like you do. Think of what questions people have asked you in the past about weddings, receptions, wedding photography etc and answer those questions on paper. Choose highly specific topics like “What is the best style of Wedding Veil to Use for outdoor Weddings” Give lists of styles, brands, material etc. People will bookmark this type of information to use later, these bookmarks and references will help your website do better in the search engine results.
  • Good Navigation - Why is good website navigation important? Two reasons, one: if your reader gets frustrated trying to find the information they want they will simply go somewhere else to find it and you then lose your opportunity to prove why they want you to design their wedding and reception. The second reason is for the search engines. Yes, flash navigation is pretty and interesting, it also block search engines from being able to find all the pages in your site as well as removes your opportunity to help the search engines understand which are the most important pages in your site. As you god through the content s of you will find ample information to help you create good navigation for the search engines as well as visitors.

Specific Wedding Website SEO

While most websites have many common SEO needs, most also have needs that should be addressed in a more specific manner. We discussed original, useful website content in the previous subheading but we will go into that in a little more detail here. In addition to content you need to get to know your industry, it is important for your website to been seen on the websites where people are searching for wedding information and are discussing wedding topics. Let’s consider some of these points next.

  • Answer Questions - But if I answer all the question on the website they won’t need to call me for help, Right? No, not really. By covering a wide variety of wedding questions on your website you help the reader to know that you really know the industry. If they like your answers they will be comfortable with the fact that you can handle any problems that might come up while planning the Wedding or Reception. At the same time you are letting the potential client get to know you, you are also providing more content for the search engines to use to show your site in the search results.
  • Search out and join Wedding and travel sites and forums - Women are searching for answers. This is a big day and they will be going out looking for advise and others experiences both with you and with possible wedding and reception locations. Be there to answer questions. Yes this takes time, a lot of it. But this will also greatly increase your sales. At times you may even be able to link back to specific content you have written on a subject from the forum. Travel forums are a great place to get potential clients, especially if you are working in a destination or exotic wedding location. Even if you are not people will have questions about different locations in your town, this gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself and offer useful advice.
  • Google Alerts - If you don’t know about Google alerts you need to research this. Google alerts allow you to receive alerts when Google finds content using certain keywords that you have specified. In particular, you want to have your business and even personal name as part of your keywords. If someone is talking about your business you want to know about it. If it is a dissatisfied customer, you need to address the problem on the website they are talking about you on. If it is a satisfied customer talking about your services, you want to thank them and make yourself an active part of the community. This will pay off in both links to your site (for Search SEO) as well as future sales.
  • Become a member - Become an active member of as many applicable wedding organizations and sites as you can. This gets your name out there and shows you are an established company. You can then display their Seal or logo on your site. Each of these accredits your business and website. Also, find active wedding forums and start participating in conversations. This cannot be overly stressed. The people talking at these forums are your potential customers; make sure they know you exist. You can also have your SEO company watch these sites answering things that they can, and alerting you to things that you need to address personally.
  • Effective Use of Pictures - Don't forget pictures. Brides are looking for beautiful wedding pictures so they can imagine what her wedding will look like. Include many pictures of past weddings and wedding receptions that you have consulted for, choose ones from different venues, using different styles and colors, include specialty requests that you have recieved in the past. All of these will help your potential client to choose you for her special day.

Effective Wedding website SEO requires participation on your part. Likely a SEO company can do a fair job without your help, but to do it right requires your involvement and experience. Let the SEO company help you to succeed but don’t run the reins completely over to them