What is Website or Domain Parking?

Domain name parking (website parking) is a simple means to make a newly registered domain name or a domain without content appear on the internet. Most of the hosts put a small amount of content on the page as well as adsense ads so that you can make some money if someone happens to make it to the page.

This is also a useful means to store domain names that previously were full websites but were not productive enough to continue full hosting services. The advantage to this service is that the hosted page is usually free (paid for by taking a percentage of the ad revenue), and content is automatically adjusted to increase the chance of getting search engine traffic.

A good domain parking service will all so redirect all calls for interior pages to the one main domain name page. That means if you previously had pages on a website for this domain and they get some traffic, this traffic is now automatically sent to the index page of the site instead of giving the person a “404 page not found” error.

Why park a Domain Name?

There are two main reasons to park a domain.
  • New Registrations: For a newly registered domain name this allows the name to be indexed by the search engines and start aging. Most search engines add the age of a website into their algorithm for search engine results so it doesn’t hurt to get that started while you are creating the new site, especially if you think this may take some time.
  • Domains that were previously a website: Parking a older domain keeps it from getting fully de-indexed by the search engines so that it continues to age. This also gives you the possibility of making some money with the domain while it is waiting for new content.

What dangers are there to parking a Domain Name?

One of the greatest dangers of parking a domain is giving a reputation of spam to the domain. In the past I have tried out parking services that took articles from the free article directories to use for content. Of course this content is all duplicate content that is not only on the article directory but anyone else that may have decided to use the article. The articles also have links to some other website, sometimes spam sites.

This can cause the domain to receive a bad reputation with the search engines which is counterproductive and may even cause permanent damage to the domain name. For this reason, I would usually not recommend for my clients to park their newly registered domain name if this is going to be a key domain name / website for their business. For them I would recommend starting up regular hosting and create a simple html starter page to put on the site until the full site is ready to unveil.

It is often a good idea to do a search of domain parking reviews to check to see if the company you are considering has a good reputation. For example a search for “domain parking review godaddy” produces a large number of results to help you decide if parking with Godaddy is a good idea or not..

Can I make money parking domains?

Usually the people that make money on domain parking ads are people that are actively searching for expired domains that are currently receiving traffic and instead of recreating pages for the domain use parking to collect the traffic onto one page with the hopes of making ad revenue. With some higher traffic sites this will work for a time until the search engines figure out that it is parked and no longer has the content that was worthy of traffic and then it dies down.

Parking domain names that receive “error” traffic works for a longer period of time. If there is a large number of people searching for a particular domain name or entering it directly into a the URL bar but are misspelling the domain, than this could bring a substantial amount of traffic to the parked domain. However if that parked domain is too close to a copy written site you may have to deal with the sites owner for copyright issues.

Where do I find Domain Name Parking?

Usually, if a hosting company offers domain registration it also offers domain parking. Before you park with a company you might want to check out some of their parked pages to make sure that the ads that appear on the page match the theme of the domain name. You will also want to make sure the company is not doing anything with the parked domain that may devalue it with the search engines.

Also, consider choosing hosting and parking with a hosting company that is based in the area where you plan to focus your future website efforts. Some of the search engines like Google seem to prefer sites that are hosted in the region that the site is directed to. In other words if you are planning on creating a website for the UK, you might want to choose a UK hosting/ parking service like Free Parking UK or if in the US one of the hosting companies like Godaddy Parking.

Recommended Domain Name parking Services

It’s hard to recommend any parking service due to that fact that they all produce the type of site that Google and the other search engines try to keep out of their search engine result pages. I have yet to see any parked pages that truly bring value to the internet which is the key criteria for all search engine results.

As I stated above, if the domain name is of importance to your company, it is likely not a good idea to park the domain, it is better to create a small one or two page simple html website to point the domain to. This allows your site to start aging while you work on the site. It is my recommendation to only use parking for domains that are of lower value or that you would like to continue to make some revenue on while it fades off into oblivion or waits to be sold.