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Ah, yes “Get your money for nothing, Get your Chicks for free”, the dream of every website owner getting SEO services for next to nothing. Is it really possible? Are there really ways to get Affordable SEO Services? Where can you get cheap SEO Services and what should you watch out for?

I’ve been buying seo services from people in forums for years. At one time these forums were about the only place you could go were people were advertising to do programming and various forms of SEO. The biggest problem I found was the lack of accountability at the forums. At times you set up a deal, pay the person and they never complete the work. The forum doesn’t want to get involved in every dispute, they also don’t want people badmouthing other forum members, so pretty much if the person decides not to do the work after getting your money there is nothing you can do about it.

As part of doing business over the years, I have lost hundreds of dollars (that’s a conservative guess) to scammers. Often I will only pay half up front for some programming, image work or SEO to be completed so I don’t lose the whole amount but still that adds up after a while. You end up keeping list of people who have scammed you and people that you have had success with. It’s a bit of a hassle but all part of business.

Fiverr Clone sites

Obviously I’m not the only one with this problem and sites like started to come into existence (to the best of my knowledge was one of the first). These sites provide a landscape where people with a few skills can get together with people wanting to hire those skills at little risk to both.

It’s a pretty good system. The basic lineup is like this. The people advertise what they are willing to do for a set amount of money. Each site has different limits. You check an ad, it you like the services you pay the ad site for the service, they hold the money and contact the seller. Once the work is completed you check the work and if it is correct you then complete the sale and the site releases the money to the seller (after getting their cut).

Really this works for everyone. The seller is not at risk for the person not paying for the work, and the buyer knows that his money is not released until he is satisfied with the work. The ad site enforces accountability on both parties, and then gets its own cut.

While any system like this isn’t perfect, it does greatly increase the chance that you will actually get what you pay for. People that don’t complete the work or are deceptive will eventually be removed from the site.

What type of service is available? There is a huge variety of different services. Of course the price tag is small so the services are going to be small, but many of them are very useful for internet marketing. It is not uncommon to see minor programming jobs, link building jobs, marketing etc.

SEO and Marketing Gigs

  • "I will write a fan sign saying anything you want and take a cute HD picture holding it for $5"
  • "I will record a video testimonial or review for your product for $5"
  • Here's a winner “I will meditate on your financial abundance for 5 minutes straight for $5“
  • "I will do a 30 sec audio voice commercial for $5"

Looking for something a little more sexy?

  • "I will write anything on my boobs for $5" Yah, it’s true. The picture is a censored picture that is suitable for using in advertisement. One of the more comical twists on this is a fat guy that you can put your message on his chest.

Link Building Gigs

  • "I will bookmark 5 links on top 50 bookmarking sites Overall 250 bookmarks for $5"
  • "I will write an quality 500 word article on the given topic and post it to top 5 article submission sites for $5"

You will find pretty much anything you are looking for. So what site should you choose. We’ve compiled a list of the top sites and will be reviewing each of the sites. If we’ve missed your favorite site, feel free to email us.

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