Top Offsite Webmaster Tools!

This is a list of free webmaster tools that we have found useful that come from other sites. We're testing several tools and will be updating this list soon, so stop by often....editor

Ever wondering if anyone is stealing copy written material from your site. Here is a link that can help you find out. Getting people to remove the stolen site text is a lot harder than finding them.

Markup Validation
The W3C Markup Validation Service is free service that will check a web page to make sure that it meets current standards. This is pretty important. Just because a browser overlooks error on your site and still renders the page acceptably doesn't mean that Google and the other search engines are parcing and rendering the page well. If they are unable to understand what is text on the page it is very unikely they will index your page properly. You should check your pages after every major change. 

Way Back Machine
Want to see what a web site looked like in the past. This site has archives of previous versions of web sites. See how the internet has changed over the years!

Google's Webmaster Tools

Google provides many tools and guidelines to help you get your site indexed and displayed well in Google’s search result pages. While they do not speak for the other search engines, it does stand to reason that if using the Google guidelines works for Google it will likely help for the other search engines also.

Three of the tools that work exclusively for Google are the Google Site inclusion form (, the Blog Search page (, and the Business inclusion page (

Usually the best way to get your site indexed with Google is to have other sites link to it. Your site will likely get indexed quicker that way than if you add it with the Site inclusion page. It is good to have your blogs feed listed with Google so that they will track new pages to your blog. This can also be accomplished by adding a number of ping sites to “Updating Services” section of your blog.

Finally, if your business has a physical address it is very important that you use Googles Business inclusion page. This will help you with the “Local searches” and having your site show with Google Maps.

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization it would be best for you to become very familiar with Googles SEO Guide (

Google has several sets of tools that are useful. You will find these tools at the Webmaster Tool page ( You will need to register your site with Google. This is well worthwhile because it helps you to get Google’s point of view on your site.