Search Engine Tips

The search engines have provided a number of tools that can be used to retrieve information about their database. Not all search engines provide the same features; others may have a different way to access the same feature. The chart below lists the features provided by the search engine.

Note that different results are normally produced for "" and "". To view the results type the tool word i.e. "site:" followed by the URL that you wish to check into the search box of the search engine.

In most cases you can expect Yahoo to show far more site: and link: pages the will be shown with Google.

MSN results now come from the new "Bing" search engine.

Tool Result Google MSN Yahoo
info: One stop place to use all of Googles webpage tools. x - -
site: Webpages that are indexed for this site.  x x x
link: Pages that link to this page, this is often not a complete list. x x x
cache: Shows the the search engines cache of the this URL x - -
related: Find web pages that are similar to the this URL x - -
"URL" Find sites that contain the website url. x x x
domain: Webpages that are indexed for this site. - - x
linkdomain: Pages that link to this page, this is often not a complete list. - - x
Pages that this site links to. This will not work if you put "http://www" in front of the domain you wish to check. - x -
inurl: Useful in Google to find out which pages are in the main index. All pages listed are in the main index, if a page shows up in site: but not here it is in the supplemental index Most Useful x x


In some cases tools can be combined to "fine tune" your results. As an example
"site: link:" will show all of the pages in "siteone" that have a link to "sitetwo". This is useful when you are checking to see if one of your link partners is still linking to you.

Another way to accomplish finding if your link partners are still linking to you is with "linkdomain: site:" Once again this shows all pages on "siteone" that link to "sitetwo".

When ever using the "link:" tool it is good to remember that Google does not display all of the links it knows about. It is often better to use this tool on MSN when you are wanting to know how many people link to your site.


Another useful combination uses the "allinurl:" tool. By putting this in the search bar you will get all of the articles in my article folder (as well as any other url that contains the word article). But only on
"allinurl:Articles site:"

This is most useful on very large sites that you want to look at the information on only a portion of the pages. One use to is to use this to tell if a certain section of a site is in the supplimental index of Google. You can scroll through hundreds of pages searching for the one web page you want, OR use the "allinurl" to find only the web pages with particular words in the URL.