Interesting Seo Blogs and Websites!

These are sites I found to be interesting. This is not a list of sites we've been paid to include, just ones we think you might like to browse through that are related to the internet. This page acts as a bookmark page to help me to remember to sheck these sites on occation, hopefully it will help you too.

Matt Cutts
The voice of Google. This is a good place to go to get a general idea on how Google feels about things. Some of the things you read is about how search really works, others is how Google would like the internet to work. EIther way it makes for an interesting read.

Nine By Blue
This is the official website for Venessa Fox. While she is no longer working for Google, she was the creator of Google Webmaster Tools and has an excelent working knowledge of Google Search. This site is well worth stopping by on a regular basis to check for useful seo tidbits.

Site Pro News
I don't actually go to this site often, I subscribe to their SEO newsletter. I use this mostly for new ideas on website promotion. It also gives me an indicator as to the latest trends in the industry.

While I don’t necessarily agree with all of their articles they do give me something to think about and often inspire me in some new SEO direction. I like to use the term SEO philosophizing with most of the SEO newsletters out there. Not even Google seems to know for sure what their new algorithm changes are going to do. We are all just guessing, experience just means that your guessing is more often right than wrong.

If you have a site that you feel should be here, let us know. Suggest a Site using our contact info below! This is not a page for free links, to be considered the site should be unique, informative, interesting, and free of charge.