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Free hosting… Is it worth it? In many cases yes.

There are a several main drawbacks to using free hosting.

  • Lack of credibility
  • Most place banners on your page – usually in prime real estate like the top of the page.
  • Most give you a subdomain location or a directory with in their site ( or
Even with these limitations there are some advantages though
  • It’s free – if you have a lot of domains this can make a difference.
  • Most come with site builders. If you are hosting a lot of little domains it can take a lot of time to set them up manually. Site builders help.
  • Separate IPs
So why would you want to use them? Here are some common scenarios.
  • You have a lot of domains you want to eventually build on or sell.
  • If your domain does not have a site attached to it, it does not age. By putting up a page or a few pages of text and getting the site indexed you start an aging process. Google does not put much weight on a brand new site. Start the aging process while your domain is waiting for you to get around to putting up the content you planned for it when you bought it.
  • Aged domains that have some PR also have far more value than unused domains.
Mini Sites. Mini sites are sites that are built on a very specific topic. You can then either place some adsence on the site or link to your main site from these mini sites or both. Mini sites provide highly related links back to your main site.

The advantage of hosting on many of these free hosting sites instead of just one, is that each hosting site will have a different class C IP. This gives the links a less manipulated look to them.

Bad Neighborhood sites

Most hosting companies have limitations on the type of sites they are willing to host. This makes sense because the company plans on adding ads to any pages you add to your free website. Ad companies like Google have restrictions as to the type of pages you can add the ad code to. Some topics are obvious; sites that include porn, nudity or even highly suggestive material (pictures or videos) are considered adult sites which are restricted by the ad companies.

Other topics are also restricted by some of these free website hosting companies due the heavy abuse by many spammers. These topics often include Forex (foreign exchange or currency market), drug sites selling Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra and pretty much any of the subjects that you receive heavy email spam about. Not that all sites on these subjects are necessarily “Bad Neighborhood” sites, but you can figure that any sites put on these free hosting sites with these topics are likely to be spam.

For most webmasters this is a good thing. There’s not much point in putting content on the web if it is going to be associated with bad neighborhood sites and de-indexed from the search engines.

For more information on how your choice of a webhost affects the SEO on your site check out our article on SEO Webhosting

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