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The end of Article Directories for SEO

All Good Things must come to an end

(Updated Jan 2013) As with most forms of SEO there have been many changes over the years in regards to using article directores to boost your incoming links. At one time this was a very effective way to increase exposure to your site as well as increase you Google PR and with it your search  engine traffic.

In time Google started to tighten it's grip on duplicate pagees making the use of article directories a little more iffy. The solution for many was to spin the articles so that they didn't all look the same to Google. This was often abused to the poiint of turning a reasonably fair article into a completly unreadable piece of junk and then spreading it to as many article directories as possible.

As time progressed Google's algorithms changed and what little value was produced by this form of link building was removed.Google's more inteligent algorithms have continued to devalue sites with poor quality articles to the point that most if not all the article directory sites are now useless for both link building and building a sites reputation through exposure to readers.

While there is still some hope of people picking up a well written article and placing it on their newsletters (with a mention of your site for payment), for the most part link directores cause more damage than good, only increasing the number of bad sites linking to your site which can actually damage your reputation. For this reason we have stopped updating our article directores and are only leaving this page up for reference and research.

Archived Article Directory Article

Another great way to get back links for your web site is to write articles and submit them to web sites that will promote your articles. Write an article on something that you know and put your web site in the signature of the article.

Hundreds of new links

Each time someone adds your article to their web site it adds a new link to your site. This is a great way to add hundreds of new back links to your site to improve your page rank and show yourself to be an expert in your field.

SEO Tip!
Find out why Webmasters using article submission usually also find eMail Marketing to also be very effective.

For some ideas on how to write articles to be used for SEO see the article SEO Article Writing 101 .

When writing articles for SEO purposes it is important to have your keywords in mind before writing the article, for help in choosing keywords see the article  Keywords Choose Them Wisely .

We've compiled a list of some of the top websites for you to submit your articles to. We recomend that you first submit to the sites in our "Top Picks" section, we have found these to be some of the most  effective sites on our list. After submitting to the top sites continue through the list submitting your article to each one.

Submission Time Saver

Our list contains the sites that we manually submit to while promoting our own websites, however there are hundreds of additional sites available. Submitting to each one of these Article Directory sites can take a huge amount of time. However there are cost effective tools that can help you submit to these sites quickly and efficiently. To submit our articles to these other sites we use article submitting software. 

One of the most popular softwares available is

Article Submitter!For a onetime purchase, this tool can shave hours off the time it takes you to submit your article, and will give the additional bonus of doing it to hundreds of article submission sites. Be sure when using article sumission that you are very frequently changing the link text and URL. With each site you get a link back to your site as well as increase the chance of other sites seeing and publishing your article and links.

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Article Writing Help

If you don't like to write you will find forums on our "Forum Sites" page where you can find authors to write the articles for you, often for less than $5 - $10 per article. Likely one of the first places you will want to try is the "Digital Point" forum. There are hundreds of writers willing to take on any subject that interests you.

Some authors will submit the article they write for you to a number of article submission sites. It's is often cheaper to buy the software to do it yourself. The other adventage of doing your own submissions (using software) is that you will be able to edit the articles and more importantly the links in the articles if you need to later, this is not available if you have someone else do the submissions.

Article Spinning

Often it’s a good idea to spin your articles when you are sending them to multiple article submission sites. While this doesn’t completely keep an article from being discounted due to the duplicate content issue it does help. For more information on article spinning you can read the Top Website Tips definition on spinning

Google Updates Affecting Article Submission

Some of Google’s updates, in particular the Penguin update adversely affect the benefits of mass article writing and submission. The biggest problem is when this is done in bulk. Moderate use of article writing and submission still has its benefits.

Penguin was designed to work against sites that are over optimized. Google has plainly stated that if you are receiving large amounts of low quality links using the same link text they will catch it and it will have an adverse affect on your site. With this in mind, it is best to limit your article writing and submission, frequently changes the link text and urls that are pointed to, and stick to the tops sites.

The Top Picks

If you don’t have much time to submit articles your best bet it is to hit the Article Distribution sites in the “Top Picks”. Some will be free others may require a small payment for the highest distribution. For the ones requiring payment in the “Top Picks” section it is well worth while to make the small payment. These are the only sites on our list where we choose to pay for submission. For the other sites we only use their free service.